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August 8, 2019

A Web for Everyone

To publish on the web all you really need is a domain name

You acquire a domain name by filling in a form and paying the domain name registrar. Usually it's a simple process, and doesn't cost a lot.

By owning the name, you control what appears when someone clicks on https://your-name/.

As the domain owner you also control who can publish and who can see the content on your site.

You can limit access to just your friends, or you can share the domain with your family say, or with everyone in your company, or with all the people in your school.

And, the domain owner decides whether to subject visitors to tracking by 3rd parties like Google and Facebook -- or not !smile-o lg spin.

So, why isn't everyone doing this?

The reality is that it's easier to sign up for a service like Instagram or SnapChat, where you can share your photos with your friends, than it is to buy your own domain name, and choose a hosting provider and a theme, and publish your content yourself.

Publishing content on the web yourself is simply not convenient -- yet.

For most people, allowing yourself to be tracked and exposed to advertising is a small price to pay for the convenience of installing an App and connecting with your friends right away.

But, things are changing

Tools for creating content are getting better, and services like netlify are making it easier to register a domain and publish content on the web.

These tools and services are targeting developers today, but I think we should be optimistic. Soon these powers will be just as accessible to non-technical users, and people will be communicating privately, without tracking, using their own domains on the web.

Creating an open Web where anyone can put anything on the Internet is the future.

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