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Preventing concurrent GitHub Actions


Learn how the new concurrency group feature for GitHub Actions prevents concurrent workflows.

Getting started with Goroutines and channels


Part 3 in my learning Go series, focusing on concurrency with Goroutines and channels.

Getting started with Go pointers


Part 2 of my experience as a new user of Go.

Getting started with Go


The Go programming language has become an important tool for developers, particularly around platforms like Kubernetes and Docker.

Extracting an ESM module from a Deno script


How to extract an ESM module so that it can also be used with Node.js or in the browser.

Will the NPM ecosystem evolve to support nested ESM modules, or will some other organization, with a workable trust model, emerge to replace it?

Running a compiled Deno script in a GitHub Action


This is a followup to Getting Started with Deno. In this post I enhance a GitHub Action to invoke the compiled scan.js Deno script which scans for broken links in generated HTML pages.

Getting Started with Deno


The Deno executable is built in Rust. While this may seem like an implementation detail, you could also describe Deno as a tool to embed JavaScript inside Rust programs.

Calling Rust from a Cloudflare Worker


How to build a Worker which calls a WebAssembly library written in Rust.

Fun with Vercel


How I deployed jldec.fun using the Vercel platform.

First steps using Cloudflare Pages


This is a walkthrough of my first Cloudflare Pages (Beta) site, and a comparison with GitHub Pages.

Migrating from CommonJS to ESM


How to migrate from CommonJS to EcmaScript Modules.

Forays from Node to Rust


This article covers the experience of buiding my first Rust crate.

GitHub Actions 101


Not so mysterious after all

A Web for Everyone


Creating an open Web where anyone can put anything on the Internet is the future.

Why Serverless at the Edge?


What makes Serverless at the edge useful in ways that more-centralized cloud services are not?

Spring Boot 101


Spring Beans are magic - but what's behind them and why are they called beans?

Why the Web needs better HTML editing components


HTML, and it's siblings like CSS, with all their power and sophistication, have become so complex, that they are impossible to edit by anyone except experts. So, what's the answer?

How do people write and publish content in HTML?

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