Jürgen Leschner

Software engineer and product builder


> projects

  • static site generator gitkitjs (SvelteKit, Tailwind, Cloudflare workers)
  • chiplet emulation platform: Zero ASIC (Python, AWS EC2)
  • cloud development environments: Gitpod (Google Cloud, GKE)
  • Kubernetes accelerators (Java, go)
  • serverless on Kubernetes: riff, knative (go, Java, JavaScript)
  • static site hosting: GitHub Pages (ruby on rails, nginx)
  • static site generator and editor: pub-server (node.js, javascript)
  • cloud storage: CloudFoundry S3 emulator (node.js)
  • cloud storage: EMC Atmos Compute Service (Java)
  • photo sharing: Pi Photo (XQuery)
  • desktop nosql database: PiStore (C++)
  • xml database: Monadix (C# .NET)
  • binary relational database: Collego Catalog DB - (C++)
  • dynamic html front end: Collego Catalog UI - (IE4 JScript)
  • targeted news publishing: Siebel Interactive briefings (HTML & tSQL)
  • my first commercial website
  • catalog publishing: IBM PC Catalog (LotusScript, FrameMaker)
  • CRM database: POINT (Novell Btrieve)
  • word processor: MS Word for Windows v1.0a (C++)
  • word processor: MS Word for DOS (x86 ASM and pCode, SNOBOL4)
  • touchscreen + videodisc authoring: MIT Media Lab (Logo, MagicL)
  • word processor: MIT course 6.170 project (CLU)
  • Internet storage in 1983(!): MIT LCS (unix & C)
(c) Jürgen Leschner